Flash Friday (micro-fiction contest)

Flash Friday Weeks #17 (210 words)


For years, the hatred Charlotte felt toward her ex-husband would not dissipate. Raw, soul-crushing, heart-rending pain threatened her sanity. Years of therapy and shelves of self-help books did not heal the jagged wounds of his betrayal nor dull the memory of his  sending her to jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

Now, stumbling around the debtors prison cemetery, icy raindrops splattering her face like hot grease, she was desperate to right a karmic wrong. Her eyes darted over barely-decipherable names and dates that were hastily etched onto cheap stones centuries ago. There. Arthur Scott, b.1689, d.1731.

Charlotte knelt beside the gravestone, barely breathing, opening her heart, channeling the man she was then and the friend she had betrayed. With frozen fingers, Charlotte began slowly untying the intricate knots of the rope and murmured the mantra her spiritual advisor had taught her.  With each knot, she spoke:

“Arthur,  it’s me Charles.”

“This inexhaustible power struggle between us must end.”

“ The hatred and revenge and destruction of each other life after life after life must end.”

“Because of me, you died here.”

“Here it began and here it must end.”

With the final knot undone, she felt the connection sever.  And the skies let loose her baptismal font.



Flash Friday Weeks #8 (75 words)

The Sentinel

Silenus inhaled sharply, desire coursing through his loins. Slowly he turned away from the dancing muses, scanning the drunken bacchanalians for the raven-haired nymph who had captured his brother’s heart.

Following Jinn onto the parapet, under the second full moon this month, he stole the one thing Dionysus’ wanted most: Jinn’s first coupling.

The agonizing scream of Dionysus’ jealous fury turned his brother into a stone sentinel, gazing at the City of Love, wanting, for all eternity.


This story was written for the weekly SVW Flash Friday prompt and won honorable mention.


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