Day 66: Labor Finally!

It’s 3:15 AM and River is definitely in Labor. About 1 AM, I could feel the contractions as River lie beside me. They didn’t last long and she fell asleep in between, pushing herself into me through a contraction and then falling asleep until the next one. She asked to go outside (it’s dark!) a few minutes before 3. She tried to go back to bed but couldn’t so we are up. We are alternating hanging out in the office near the whelping box and going to the living room. She’s restless and panting. Out of curiosity I took her temperature: 99.1º. She never did drop below 98. And now she’s just thrown up. More later.

While I cleaned up after River she put herself in the whelping box. If only I’d put her in there BEFORE she tossed her cookies! It was mostly undigested dinner so she’s been in labor for a while. I tossed a bed in the whelping box for her: she alternates between resting and panting/lip licking/stretching/cleaning herself.


2 thoughts on “Day 66: Labor Finally!

  1. Hi. It’s 4:15 am and I’m eating breakfast. I had a feeling something would start soon. I’ll check back later. Won’t be long now!!


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