Day 60 More or Less

River Day 60Sleeping Mom-to-be

It’s hard to believe that River is around Day 60 of her pregnancy with about 3 days to go but easy to see why some people never know their dogs are pregnant until labor starts (or worse until the pups are delivered!)  The top picture was taken this morning, the bottom picture was taken 4 days ago.

This morning, River’s temperature was 99.1º F which is only about 1º less than her normal temperature.  We’re looking for a drop to about 98.6º or less to indicate that labor will occur within 36 hours. At least it’s going in the right direction.

Until an hour ago, I have not seen any nesting behaviors except for a curious lack of willingness to go outside when it is dark. An hour ago she finally started scratching and moving the blankets around in her whelping box before settling down for a post-lunch nap. It was nice to watch. Now she’s outside hoping for a swim or game of Frisbee®. Like I said she certainly isn’t acting like she’s getting ready to drop a litter of puppies.


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