X-Ray Day: Where Are the Pups?

X-ray showing skull, rib cage and leg of a puppy.

X-ray showing skull, rib cage and leg of a puppy.

Yesterday was xray day but it didn’t go as well as I would have liked. We traveled up to DocSide Veterinary Hospital in Fells Point hoping to see 3 or 4 puppies. Apparently River was so full of crap in her small and large intestines that her veterinarian, Dr. Irvin Herling, was unable to see much through all the fecal matter.  He said it was the hardest xray he’s ever tried to read in 30 years of practice. Figures. He took another view, with her lying on her back but that one was also inconclusive. I fed her breakfast, not thinking that it would matter, but now I’m kicking myself. (who knew there’d be so much fecal matter in the intestines – it isn’t like she never poops.)  One breeder told me she once had an xray that showed no pups and the dam had 6!  We briefly talked about using an enema, however, an enema would only clean out the large bowel and wouldn’t help us see whether puppies were hiding behind the small bowel.

Irvin and I go back a long time and have been friends for nearly 20 years. I love him. He did an ultrasound out of curiosity and we were able to see two puppies!  The best part was watching a puppy moving and hearing its heart beating.  Irvin captured video of both but I’m unable to open the files on my computer.  If we ever figure it out, I’ll post them here. I’m still hoping there’s a third pup hiding.

River has only gained 2.5-3 pounds which certainly makes sense in light of the small litter she’s carrying. She’s been in her whelping box several times a day since we set it up and settles quickly for a short nap each time.  We are at about Day 53 – but honestly that is from the day they tied. I have no idea when she actually ovulated and from what I’ve read puppies are born 63 days after the eggs drop not after tie (it’s just that many breeders let dogs tie when the progesterone hits 5 ng/ml which indicates ovulation.)

Ultrasound showing the spine of a puppy.

Ultrasound showing the spine of a puppy.


3 thoughts on “X-Ray Day: Where Are the Pups?

  1. Jaz – thanks for letting us know about the Blog – we like taking the journey with you and River. This is so amazing to us and we don’t know anything about the whelping process.

  2. Jaz,

    Very exciting! River’s sister Torah wishes her the best through this ultimate journey of motherhood.

    We have a close friend whelping a litter of Vizsla puppies (at least 9) as I am writing to you.

    It is ao much fun checking in with your blog every morning : )

    daryl & torah

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