Welcome to Whelping River’s Litter Blog

River July 2008I will be writing random thoughts, experiences and insights throughout the journey of whelping River’s first litter, due September 11, 2009.  For those who don’t know, bitches are pregnant for 9 weeks. That’s it! Nine weeks from ovulation to whelp. We have 2 weeks to go.  River isn’t showing yet although she is a bit rotund around the middle.  She’s become increasingly clingy with each passing week and is pushier when it comes to food.

Tomorrow we are picking up the whelping box from the woman who is lending it to us.  The decision where to put it for the big day has not been easy because the books all say to put it in a rarely used room, away from all the activity in the house. Well I have a small house, and we do have a basement, however we (including River) never spend time down there and I cannot imagine that she’ll be happy down there.  Additionally I’d need to sleep down there at least for the first week. I would of course no problem.  In any event, I’ve decided to try the office here where we spend the better part of each day.  I will wrap the ex-pen that I am going to put up with dark sheets to simulate a den-like feeling for her.

Monday, August 31st, I am taking her in for x-rays so we can count puppies.

I’m very excited about River puppies. I am happy to share this journey with you and hope you stop by often for updates.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Whelping River’s Litter Blog

  1. hey Jaz,
    I put my whelping box in my bedroom for the first 2 weeks then they get moved out into the living room or kitchen.
    Best of Luck with the new babies and I am really jealous.
    It has been too long since I have had a litter.

  2. I am very excited about River too and thank you for including us in the adventure. Birthing is such a miracle and puppies so much fun. We are keeping her in our thoughts and hoping she has an easy time of it and beautiful babies…just like mom and dad.

  3. I can’t wait to keep up on the puppy news. Titan is very excited about having nieces and nephews!!!

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